5 November 2018
With only 8 weeks left to go - we are offering our Final Sale.  From now until 31 December if you spend $100 or more we are offering 40% Discount (so spend $100.00 and you get it for $60.00).  And if you can't find enough for yourself - just put an order together with  a friend
That's 40% off everything (as long as you spend a minimum of $100) (does not include Special Prices or Odds & Sods - although best price will count)
Web Pages are up to date and we have added some more items to the Specials Pages - both Specials ands Odds & Sods
16 October 2018
Still winding down and getting rid of stock - NEED YOUR HELP - See our specials below
Web Pages are up to date and we have added some more items to the Specials Pages - both Specials ands Odds & Sods
23 September2018
We have  a few O scale Grandt Line Bits & Pieces left over from our last order - ALL GONE
28 Aug 2018
A bit of an update to explain where we currently stand with The Railcar:

We are definitely closing this year and our official final day of business will be 31 December 2018

We have sold most (not all) of our O scale stock to ModelOKits in Sydney (see info below)

However we still have a few O scale items and plenty of N, HO and G scale that we need to move off the shelves - So here's our current Discounts and Specials:

Purchase $50.00 or more and get 20% off your order (specials not included)

Purchase $100.00 or more and get 25% off your order (specials not included)

Great list of Kits at Special Prices - HERE

Odds and Sods Stuff - going cheap - HERE

We have some really nice HO scale Detail Parts from a range of Manufacturers still available - Check them out from the list below (and make them up to get those discounted prices)

Bollinger Edgerley Scale Trains (BEST)
Builders in Scale
Evergreen Hill Designs
Grandt Line
JL Innovative Design
Master Creations
Model Tech Studios
Rusty Stumps Scale Models
Scale Structures
Selley's Finishing Touches
Vector Cut

And finally - if you want an RGS Water Tank From Banta Model Works (in HO and O scale) see the information below

6 Aug 2018
GOOD NEWS - We have sold most of our O scale lines to ModelOKits in Sydney... ModelOKits is owned by Glenn Scott and located in Yagoona, NSW.  His web site is: www.modelokits.com and you can contact him through the web site.  The lines we have sold are as follows:

Arttista Accessories (figures) - Entire line
Banta Model Works - All O scale stock
Berkshire Valley - Entire line
Books - All Carstens and Hayden books (including On30 & HOn3 Annuals)
Boulder Valley Models - Entire line
Builders in Scale - All O scale and some generic items
Chooch Enterprises - All Flexible Stone Walls
Clever Models - All O scale stock
Clover House - Most larger scale and generic stock
Evergreen Hill Designs - All O scale stock
Evergreen Styrene - Entire line
Fun & Games - All O scale stock
Foothill Model Works - All On30 and some generic items
Gapmaster - All O scale stock
Kadee Products - All O scale and generic items
Kerroby Models - All O and HO scale animals and details
Keystone Models - All O scale stock
KMP Models - All O scale stock
Grandt Line - All O scale stock and multiscale
K & S Engineering - Entire line
Micro Engineering - All larger scale stock (O scale)
Micro Fasteners - Entire line
Milepost Model Works - Entire line
Model Tech Studios - All O scale stock
Mount Albert Scale Lumber - All stock except S scale
Mountain Blue Miniatures - Entire line
North West Shortline - All O scale and generic stock
Outback Models - All O scale stock
Phoenix Scale Miniatures - Entire line
Precision Scale Company - Some O scale and generic items
Quick Pic Books - All prototype books
Rusty Stumps - All O scale stock
San Juan Car Company - Some On3 and On30 items
Schomberg Scale Models - All O scale stock
Woodland Scenics - All O scale and some generic items

I didn't realise we had so much stuff - Anyway, we still have plenty of N scale, HO scale and G scale to get rid of (and some generic stuff).  I will be updating the website and putting out some further specials so we can move it all - so get in touch before it all goes...

21 Jun 2018
Banta Model Works are putting out some very nice RGS Water Tanks

See picture to right   ------------

First production - NOW available are in HOn3 with a On3/30 scale version likely soon

The HO unit - I will sell at approx $125 - no pricing yet on the O scale unit

Sold out at the Railcar - but I can order more in - and looks like an O scale version will be available soon - so Reserve one of those with me

And of course if you want any other Banta kit - I'll get that as well

I have updated the Clover House page with actual quantities left in stock.  Some nice sheets of metal and a bit of brass wire still left - see Clover House

That makes the following pages with current quantities listings:

Arttista Figures
Clover House
Evergreen Hill Designs
Evergreen Scale Models
Foothill Model Works
Fun & Games Figures
Kadee Products
K&S Engineering
MacLeod Western
Micro Engineering
Micro Fasteners
Mount Albert Scale Lumber
San Juan Car Company
San Juan Decals
Sylvan Scale Models
Vector Cut

Don't forget we still have plenty of kits that we are selling off at reduced prices - see them all listed HERE
We are continuing the SALES - for in-stock items only - 20% discount across all items on orders over $100.00 (except if already marked as 'Specials')
6 May 2018
Just an update so you know what we are doing.  We are definitely closing the The Railcar. However, with the sale not going through, it will take a bit longer than we planned (we need to sell everything) so I expect we will still be around for at least 5-6 months at the moment.  So please get in and take that stock from us and look for more sales and specials as we work through the stock.
We are rapidly selling out of the Micro Engineering and Mt Albert Scale Lumber products.  So to make it  a little easier, I have indicated on those pages, exactly how many of each item we still have in stock (not a lot in some cases).  I will attempt to keep this up to date as stock gets sold....  You can see these at Micro Engineering & Mt Albert Scale Lumber
Don't forget we still have plenty of kits that we are selling off at reduced prices - see them all listed HERE
30 April 2018
We have counted and checked the Grandt Line stock, AND updated the web pages.  So, everything should be correct on the Grandt Line web pages (as of 2 pm today), so get in now if you want any of those listed items
Time to move some of those kits we have accumulated in recent years.  Take a look at the Specials Page to see some great markdowns on buildings and other kits in stock.  Limited stock so they may go quickly.....check and see if something suits you here - SPECIALS
We are continuing the SALES - for in-stock items only - 20% discount across all items on orders over $100.00 (except if already marked as 'Specials')
I may be able to place a few orders with our overseas suppliers (where we are out of stock) but this will be limited and only where worthwhile quantities are put together.
By now, you may have heard that Grandt Line is closing down in the middle of the year - What a huge blow to the industry.  Consequently I am about to place a final order with them - so if you need anything that we do not have in stock - just let me know ASAP as I'll place that order very shortly
We have conducted a stocktake and got the Web Site up to date - so what you see on our web pages is pretty accurate as of today - so get in NOW if you want some of these things before they go.....