Thinfilm Decals are quality ultra-thin decals made for many of the Narrow Gauge roads.  They are available in HOn3, HO, S, Sn3, O & On3. 


Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
T01-114 C&S Locomotive Set HOn3 8.00
T01-116A C&S Reefer Set, Black HOn3 8.00
T01-118 C&S Caboose Set HOn3 8.00
T01-129 VICTOR MINING Gondola HOn3 8.00
T01-202 D&RGW  Narrow Gauge Set, Black  Sn3 12.00
T01-202A D&RGW  Narrow Gauge Work Train  Sn3 12.00
T01-278 Logging Railroads/Railways, White, Blood Red Sn3 12.00
T01-302 D&RGW  Narrow Gauge Set, Black  On3 15.00
T01-302A D&RGW Work Train Set, White On3 14.00
T01-303 UTLX Tank Car Set, GRAMPS On3 11.90
T01-305 D&RGW "6500" Series Flat Car On3 10.00
T01-311A RGS Silver Set On3 14.00
T01-315 C&S Stock Car Set On3 10.00
T01-316 C&S Reefer Set, White On3 10.00
T01-316A C&S Reefer Set, Black On3 10.00
T01-317 C&S Box Car Set On3 10.00
T01-322 D&RGW Hi-Side Gondola Set On3 8.50
T01-330 CONOCO Tank Car Set, White On3 10.00
T01-330A CONOCO Tank Car Set, Green On3 10.00
T01-378 Logging Railroads/Railways (white with blood red) On3 14.00

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