All car and truck kits are cast polyurethane resin, requiring assembly and painting.  Kits have hollow cast, one piece bodies.  Interiors are fully detailed, including a driver (some also have a passenger).  The black rubber tires are "poseable".   Cars have vacuum formed window glazing.  All marine kits are cast polyurethane resin, requiring assembly and painting.  All kits build into waterline models, with the exception of the Dinghy. 

  Kits come complete with all accessory parts. All structure kits are cast polyurethane resin, requiring assembly and painting.

Items in RED are those vehicles/trailers that are believed to have been used in Australia at one time 


Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
  Special Editions     
S04-SE02 1929-48 DIVCO/Twin Coach Helms Bakeries Van HO 26.00
S04-002 1937 Maple Leaf 2 Ton Flatbed Truck HO 26.50
S04-013 1956-1966 White 4000 w/ Tanker Body HO 30.00
S04-014 White Super power w/Tank Body HO 30.00
S04-015 1950-1953 GMC 600 w/ Tank Body HO 30.00
S04-017 1940-1958 White Super Power with Stake Body HO 31.00
S04-031 1948-1953 REA Delivery Truck HO 29.95
S04-138 1959-68 GMC Crackerbox Single Axle Sleeper Cab Tractor HO 26.95
S04-140 1941-47 Chevy Telephone Utility Truck HO 28.45
  Trailers/Stake Bodies    
S04-T003 34' Tandem Axle Fruehauf Canvas Top Dura Van Trailer HO 29.00
S04-T004 34' Tandem Axle Fruehauf  Dura Van Trailer with Curbside Door HO 25.00
S04-T013 Box Utility Trailer (6 x 4 ??) HO 14.50
S04-T016 West Coast Logging Trailer HO 29.50
S04-0083 Etched Mirrors to suit Trucks HO 9.90
S04-0085 12" Stake Body HO 12.00
S04-0086 15" Stake Body HO 12.00
  Emergency Vehicles    
S04-067 1937 Ambulance HO 25.00
S04-072 1947-54 American-LaFrance 700 Pumper Fire Truck HO 40.00
S04-078 1951 Dodge Ambulance HO 22.00
S04-N129 1949-1953 Studebaker Half Ton Pickup (3 per pack) N 15.00
S04-N161 1952 Chevy 2 Door Sedan (3 per pack) N 15.00
S04-N162 1952 Chevy 4 Door Sedan (3 per pack) N 15.00
S04-N163 1952 Chevy Convertible (3 per pack) N 15.00
S04-044 1937 Yellow Taxi HO 21.00
S04-066 1941 Willys Pickup HO 21.50
S04-129 1949-53 Studebaker Pickup HO 25.00
S04-163 1952 Chevy Convertible HO 19.95
S04-0016 Ships Anchors (2) HO 7.90
S04-0018 Canoes (3) HO 10.00
S04-0024 Inflatable Life Raft (2) HO 7.50
S04-1065 Great Lakes Channel Buoy Markers (2) HO 19.90
S04-1087 Dinghy (1) HO 9.50
S04-0025 Inflatable Life Rafts (2) N 9.00
S04-2087 Dinghy (2) N 9.50
S04-2113 Assorted Watercraft (Dinghy, Canoe & Speed Boat) N 11.00
   Detail Parts    
S04-0004 Chimneys, Assorted (3) HO 6.50
S04-0053 Railroad Junk HO 7.90
S04-1116 Truck Junkyard Scene HO 23.95
S04-1118 Chevy Junk Pickup Truck HO 12.00
S04-1120 Hudson Junk Auto (on-side) HO 12.00

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