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The Soundtraxx Tsunami Decoders below are no longer being produced
Consequently we are getting rid of these to make room for the NEW Econami and Tsunami 2 Decoders

Hence Prices are reduced as Below

Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
  Accessory Decoders     
B17-810140 Current Keeper -provides continuous sound and smooth operation by maintaining uninterrupted power for up to 10 seconds (see Soundtraxx site for more details) ALL 37.50
B17-810137 Caboose Lighting Decoder (suits Class 5 long Caboose) (size - 18mm x 80mm)  HOn3 45.95
B17 -810136 Passenger Car Lighting Decoder (suits Jackson & Sharp Coaches) (size- 12mm x 124mm x 8mm) HOn3 45.95
  TSU-750 Micro-Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders 
(0.75 Amp, Approx size - 26mm x 13 mm x 6mm)
  Steam Locomotives    
B17-826003 TSU-750 Heavy Steam ALL 110.00
  Diesel Locomotives    
B17-827105 TSU-1000 ALCO 251 V12 ALL 110.00
  SoundTraxx Accessories    
B17-810012A 2 pin Micro Connector Set (includes Pins, Wires) ALL 27.00
B17-810058 Micro-Mini Connectors (10) ALL 14.00
B17-810067 33ut 16v Bipolar Capacitor ALL 1.50
B17-810068 Replacement Steam Speaker Wire Harness ALL 11.00
B17-810069 DSD Power Harness for Sound Decoder ALL 20.00
B17-810083 Round Speaker, 10mm, 8 ohms,  ALL 19.50
B17-810089 Round Speaker, 13mm, 8 ohms,  ALL 19.50
B17-810107 3/8" Speaker Baffle Kit ALL 5.50
B17-810112 Oval Speaker, 14mm x 25mm x 5.2mm 8 ohms, 1.0 watt ALL 22.50
B17-810118 3/4" Speaker Gasket Kit ALL 9.00
B17-810119 1" Speaker Gasket Kit ALL 6.50
B17-810121 14 x 25mm Speaker Gasket Kit ALL 6.50
B17-810135 Wire Harness, JST9 - NMRA 8P ALL 8.50
B17-810141 Intelligent Consist Wand                                           NEW ALL 15.00
B17-810142 28AWG Flexible Black Wire (3 metres)                 NEW ALL 9.00
B17-810148 28AWG Flexible Blue Wire (3 metres)                   NEW ALL 9.00
B17-810149 28AWG Flexible Red Wire (3 metres)                    NEW ALL 9.00
B17-810151 28AWG Flexible Yellow Wire (3 metres)                NEW ALL 9.00

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