Slow Motion Turnout Machines & Lighting Sets

Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
  Lighting Sets     
PC001 LED Passenger Lighting Set (Cool White) ALL 17.50
DL002 LED Passenger Lighting Set (Warm White) ALL 17.50
  Smart Switches    
A001 Smart Switch - 4 units - Basic DC ALL 99.00
A002 Smart Switch - 4 units - Basic DC with Smart Frogs ALL 125.00
A003 Smart Switch - 4 units - with Stationary Decoder (DCC) ALL 105.00
A004 Smart Switch - 4 units - with Smart Frogs and Decoder (DCC) ALL 155.00




Information on the Smart Switch


Each Smart Switch set comprises four point motor Servos and four Mounting brackets as well as all of the fitting hardware including toggle switches for local control or if using DC only.  A Motherboard and four function Stationary Decoder is included in sets A003 and A004 (DC/DCC) but the decoder is not included in A001 and A002 (DC).  All sets include four extension leads and an excellent thirty page instruction book


These unique point motors can be mounted in several ways and either under or on top of the base-board.  They have nine adjustable speeds which go from a lengthy 20 seconds to a very quick .07 seconds.  These slower speeds give you the opportunity to use them to drive such things on your layouts as Semaphore signals or opening doors or even raising or lowering boom gates at you road crossings.  ANE will soon have a new plug in controller to allow this last suggestion to work automatically.  The other very important feature is that the movement can be adjusted in either direction just in case you happen to fit the motor slightly off centre and this may mean that one way needs to go a little further than the other way.  Once this is set it never forgets and if you happen to change your points to another type then you can alter this setting again.


There are two LED lighting outputs for each motor as well so nothing is forgotten by the manufacturer for the modeller.  It is like a one stop shop in a single box