We have just added Selley's products to our range.  These are very nice HO metal casting (all unpainted) at a great price. 


Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
  Details and Interesting Stuff    
S23-092 Cattle Grid / Guard HO 4.30
S23-113 Parking Meters (6) HO 5.50
S23-167 Crossing Warning (2) HO 5.00
S23-175 Shell Gas Pumps (3) plus Attendant HO 6.10
S23-176 Esso Gas Pumps (3) plus Attendant HO 6.10
S23-509 Centrifugal Pump HO 4.30
S23-523 Household Chairs (3) HO 5.00
S23-646 Pot Belly Stove, Hod & Shovel HO 5.00
S23-673 Rowboat HO 4.60


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