The Hoosegow Jail (HO Scale)

The HOOSEGOW (Jail) Kit is a small town 2 room jail consisting of an office area approx. 8 x 8 feet and a jail cell approx. the same size. The whole building doesn't measure more than 9 feet wide by 17 feet long.  It stands 12' high on the flat foundation and 16' on the stone cast foundation.

This model features aged brick walls both exterior and interior. Interior partition wall brick faced both sides. Jail bars on the cell windows and in the partition between the office and the cell. Double hung windows in the office and a removable roof if you care to model it that way.

Following are features of this kit:

  • Double thick brick walls that are detailed both outside and inside.

  • Two different ways to foundation this kit. A flat foundation piece if you want to place the Hoosegow on a flat lot.

  • Fine laser cut jail bars for the windows and also one for the partition between the office and the cell.

  • Resin cast stove pipe.

  • Two bunks in the cell.

  • JAIL sign for the front

  • Real Cedar Shake shingles for the roof

  • A 64 page highly detailed instruction manual with many photos and 'how to' pointers

(photos by kind permission of Rusty Stumps)

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