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 Rusty Stumps products include Craftsman type structures, resins detail parts and laser cut items, including sheets of doors and windows in both plywood and adhesive backed cardstock. 

NOTE ON MATERIALS: There is a choice of CARDSTOCK, RCBOARD or PLYWOOD for most laser cut Windows and Doors - Here's an explanation:

CARDSTOCK has a smooth finish and is real stable. Does well with paints but you need to be careful when painting thin mullions.  Only available with Self-Adhesive backing.

RCBOARD is a plastic impregnated cardstock and is both durable and easy to paint. RCBoard works well with thin mullions but otherwise is very similar to cardstock material. Excessive wetness can warp this board. Only available with Self-Adhesive backing.

PLYWOOD stains better but only has grain in one direction. Also thin mullions can sometimes be an issue with Plywood. Non-Adhesive backing


Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
   N Scale Items       
R15-D1201 Laser Cut, Wooden Ladders (5 x 32' ladders)   (2) N 7.50
R15-D3201 Stair Stringers and Steps (4 x 32' long)   (1) N 7.50
R15-D4201 Laser Cut, Window Assortment (40+ windows / different styles)  (1) N 11.00
R15-D4204 Laser Cut, Fancy Panel Freight Doors (8)   (1) N 8.00
   HO Scale Items - Fences, Ladders, Stairs       
R15-D2006 6' Security Fencing - Plywood    (1) HO 14.00
   HO Scale Items - Windows & Doors       
R15-D4001C Laser Cut Windows (32, various sizes) (Self Adhesive Cardstock) (1) HO 15.30
R15-D4004 Laser Cut, Fancy Panel Freight Doors (3 doors, 8' w x 8' h & 4 doors 6' w x 8' h) (Plywood)   (1) HO 13.90
R15-D4011RC Laser Cut Engine House Doors (2 sets of Doors - 14' wide x 15' high opening) (Self-Adhesive RC Board)   (1) HO 18.50
R15-D4017RC Laser Cut, Boat House Doors w/Trim (10) (Self-Adhesive RC Board)   (1) HO 15.90
R15-D4018C Laser Cut, Round Top Freight Doors with Lites (6 double doors) (Self-Adhesive Cardstock)   (1) HO 15.30
R15-D4019C Laser Cut Peaked Windows (3 types, 28 Windows) (Self-Adhesive Cardstock   (1) HO 13.90
R15-D4020 Laser Cut Peaked Doors (assorted types - about 20 doors) (Plywood)   (1) HO 9.75



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