These are very nice Laser Cut Kits that we have just got in
We may get more depending on sales/requests

(No pictures yet - but check Rslaserkits Web Site
(link below) for pictures and more details)

Quantities still available marked in RED

Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
  HO Scale    
R19-2516 Scaffolding Set   (1) HO 47.00
  N Scale    
R19-3002 Woss Camp Water Tower   (1) N 49.00
R19-3037 Silver Cliff Fire House / Town Hall    (1) N 45.00
R19-3045 Munson Building   (1) N 70.00
R19-3516 Wagon Wheels (36 wheels in 4 sizes)   (1) N 20.00

Rslaserkits    (Web Site)

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