Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
  Mastering Model Railroading (all approx 50 pages)    
LWSML Lighting with Surface Mounted LEDs N/A 25.00
LVUL Lighting Vehicles using LEDs N/A 25.00
BIC Bridges in Cities N/A 25.00
MIFUS Modular Interiors for Urban Structures N/A 25.00
RR&RW Rivers, Rapids & Rushing Water N/A 35.00
WMPC White Metal Pewter Casting N/A 35.00
  Blueprints and Large Format    
BPPC  D&RG, RGS, D&RGW NG Passenger Cars N/A 40.00
  Narrow Gauge Books    
CLIMAX Climax Class B Logging Locomotive N/A 27.00
C&S-Loco60 C&S B-4C Class Locomotive #60 N/A 30.00


C&S Baggage - Mail #13 N/A 35.00


D&RGW #0574 Curved Roof Long Caboose N/A 26.00
D&RGW-6000 D&RGW 6000 Series, Class 19 Flat Cars N/A 30.00


D&RGW C-16 Locomotive #268  N/A 30.00
SVRH3 Sumpter Valley Railway Heisler #3 N/A 35.00
WSLCH3 Westside Lumber Co Heisler #3 N/A 26.00
  Standard Gauge Books    
BNSFD8-40 Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Dash 8-40 BW N/A 26.00
BNSFSD40-2 Burlington Northern & Santa Fe SD40-2 N/A 28.00
KCS1500 Kansas City Southern SW-1500 Switcher N/A 25.00
UPSD60M UP SD 60M Diesel Locomotives N/A 28.00

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