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Annuals - On30 (by White River Productions) - They have Arrived


  • 2018 On30 Annual    

White River Productions  -  The On30 Annual brings you the best models and modelers working in the scale today. From inspiring layouts and fun-to-build track plans, to easy kitbashing, to full-blown scratchbuilding, the On30 Annual has it all

$29.95 plus $5.00 postage (Sorry All Gone)


Annuals - HOn3 (by White River Productions)


  • 2017 HOn3 Annual   

White River Productions - Dedicated to great HO narrow gauge model railroading.

$29.95 plus $5.00 postage (6 In Stock)


Annuals - HOn3 (by White River Productions)


  • 2015 HOn3 Annual   

White River Productions - Dedicated to great HO narrow gauge model railroading.

$29.95 plus $5.00 postage (1 In Stock)


Books (In Stock Books Highlighted in Yellow)

  • NEW  Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette - 50 Year Collection on DVD
  • (Nil in Stock - Price will be $180.00 plus $7.00 postage - no further discount )   

   Sold Out Again - But if I get enough orders for more (say 4 DVDs), I will reorder - so let me know)

Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette DVD Archive - Every page from the first issue in 1975 through to the end of 2014 (239 Issues) and complete collections of the Gazette's predecessors - Finelines (57 issues) and Slim Gauge News (18 issues).  All issues and pages are fully searchable and printable as PDF files.

  • NEW  The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad from Trackside DVD   (2 left in Stock)   $40.00

Video Footage by Sam Furukawa.  Run-Bys, Special Trains and Photo Freights, 1982-2012.  A superb video souvenir for everyone who has experienced America's most spectacular steam train ride (or even if you will never make it there !!! 38 minutes.... (Video 25:33, Slide Show 12:30)

  • Steel Rails & Silver Dreams     (1 In Stock)     $95.00

Benchmark Publications.,  Darryl E. Muralt,  A History of the Dolly Varden Mines and the Narrow Gauge Dolly Varden Mines Railway, Hardcover, 183 pages, photos (B&W), drawings, maps.

  • Slow Trains Down South Vol 2     (1 In Stock)     $90.00

Hundman Publishing inc, Mallory Hope Ferrell.  A pictorial study of off-the-beaten path short line steam in Dixie’s "Bible Belt." Volume II covers Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and East Texas.  Hardcover, 226 pages in black and white - a few colour. 

  • Slim Gauge Cars     (1 In Stock)     $28.00

Carstens Publications.  Expanded to 130 pages, Slim Gauge Cars, Second Edition contains thoroughly researched photos and plans for more than 70 different pieces of equipment. Each piece of equipment was measured and drawn exclusively for this project, with the latest up to date information available. Perfect for scratchbuilders and researchers alike, this is the definitive reference book to add to your collection

  • The Dinky    (2 In Stock)     $28.50

Marsh Lake Productions, Greg Condon, Robert Felton & James Nickoll.  The C&NW Narrow Gauge in Wisconsin. Softcover, 80 pages, Plans, Drawings, Diagrams, Photographs in Black & White 

  • Clothshell Scenery    (1 in Stock)     $28.50

Marsh Lake Productions, Greg Condon, Ed.D.  Building a layout without Plaster.  The book is a presentation of 'clothshell scenery' as an alternative to traditional plaster methods.  Softcover, 44 pages, Photographs in Colour 

  • Rio Grande & RGS Passenger Cars of the 20th Century    (1 In Stock)    $40.00

BHI Publications, Rio Grande & RGS Passenger, Business & Special Cars of the 20th Century.  Blueprints and Folios for Narrow Gauge Passenger Cars, Soft Cover/Binding,  93 pages, Drawings, Plans, Black/White

  • Letters from Cuba      (1 In Stock)    $23.95

Canadian Caboose Press, by Adolf Hungrywolf. Simple living with vintage cars, old trains and friendly people. Soft Cover/Binding,  315 pages. Photos - Black/White.

Carstens Publications -  (now available from White River Publications)


  • Track Design    (1 in stock)        $20.00

Carstens Publications, Edited by Hal Carstens.   The design and creation of a new model railroad layout requires lots of planning and dreaming. That dream railroad you want to build will be an expression of yourself. It will represent your idea of the ideal model railroad adapted to whatever restriction you may impose. You may opt for Lionel track, sectional track, flexible track, or even track spiked by hand to miniature wooden ties. You can model prairies, mountains, coastal areas, cities, industrial areas, or mining and logging operations. You can model any period in railroad history you like, from the pioneer days of the 1830s to heavy diesel freight operations of today, with Amtrak, VIA, and commuter operations thrown in as an extra. You can fill an entire basement or garage or you can restrict yourself to a narrow shelf in a bedroom. Model railroading has no limits...

  • Model Railroad Structures from A to Z   (2 in stock)   $28.00

Carstens Publications, by Wayne & Mary Cay Wesolowski.  This is the book to show you how to create all kinds of unique original models from wood, paperboard, plastic, plaster, and other inexpensive easy to find materials. Easy step-by-step instructions, plus lots of detailed illustrations and photos help you make professional looking models right from the start. Build a simple drainage bridge, the “Schulz Brothers” ice house, a storage shed, section house, and highway bridge. Learn how to design your own outbuildings, and more!

  • Building Scenery with Paul Scoles  (1 in stock)    $33.00

Carstens Publications, by Paul Scoles.  Simple Techniques for Expert Model Railroad Scenery. Full of explanations and colour photographs, 95 pages.

  • The V & O Story  (1 in stock)    $33.00

Carstens Publications, This classic book reprints a series of classic articles from the pages of Railroad Model Craftsman where Allen McClelland describes all aspects of the V & O railroad's concept; construction, table work, track, scenery, operation, and equipment, many colour photographs, 104 pages.

  • Operation Handbook - For Model Railroads (1 in stock)    $28.00

Carstens Publications, Paul Mallory. Covers proven methods of duplicating prototype operations on model layouts from smallest to largest. 198 pages.

  • The Overland Route, Union Pacific Railroad  (1 in stock)  $22.50

Carstens Publications, Ross Grenard and John Krauske. Covers the final 20 years of steam power on the Union Pacific from 1937 to 1957.  A selection of photographs and text from that period,  Black & White photographs, 82 pages.

  • Electrical Handbook  ( Vol 1 )  (1 in stock)  $19.95

Carstens Publications, by Paul Mallery. Volume 1 contains basic model railroad electrical info for the beginner and advanced modeler. Packed with diagrams and photos! 

  • Electrical Handbook ( Vol 2 (1 in stock)   $23.95

Carstens Publications, by Paul Mallery.  Volume 2 follows up with advanced concepts in walk-around control, DCC, relays, transistors, signaling cab and command control, trouble shooting, and more

  • American O Scale 1927-1965    (1 in stock)   $29.95

White River Productions, by Keith Wills. A brief history of the companies, people and products.  63 pages.

  • Timber Times Magazines (7 in stock)   $11.00

Logging and Lumbering, History and Modelling.

Issues 39, 40, 41, 42 and 43.


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