As you may be aware, Paper Creek Model Works has closed the business and is no longer producing their fine texture sheets.  Listed below is all we have left in stock.  However, an alternative are the great looking Texture Sheets (and Buildings) from Clever Models.  These are listed on our Clever Models page 

Each Texture Packet contains 2 - 11" x 8 1/2" Sheets.


Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
P03-202-N Tarpaper Roofing N 13.00
P03-210-HO Painted Wood Wall or Floor (Tan - Weathered) HO 13.00
P03-211-HO Painted Wood Wall or Floor (Slate Blue - Weathered) HO 13.00
P03-213-N Painted Wood Wall or Floor (Tuscan red - Weathered) N 13.00
P03-214-O Painted Wood Wall or Floor (Barn Red - Weathered) O 13.00
P03-220-O Rock wall or Foundation O 13.00


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