The items below are mostly Resin castings with some Laser cut items.  They are very nice details and to see pictures and the full range check out their Web Site (link below)


Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
  O Scale Figures    
M14-FO327P Lobsterman Repairing a Lobster Trap (painted) O 17.50
M14-FO448P Pumping Water into a Pail (action figure) (painted) O 21.00
  O Scale Details    
M14-OD2060 Building Window Fans O 9.35
M14-OD2113P Auto Salvage Yard Clutter Pile - painted O 20.00
M14-OD2144 Building Side - Mechanical Ventilation Unit O 16.00
M14-OD2153 Building Side Fuel Storage Tank Shed O 16.50
M14-OD2155P Propane Tank (painted) O 13.00
M14-OD2157 Alleyway Hobo Shacks (4 shacks) O 25.20
M14-OD2164 Rooftop Ventilators O 11.50
M14-OD2214 Piles of Oil Drums and Tyres O 21.00
M14-OD2218P Produce Bins - loaded (3) (painted) O 19.00
M14-OD2222 Building Vents (6) O 18.00
M14-OD2229 Detail Piping, Variety Pack O 19.00
M14-OD2238P Parts Bins - loaded (painted) O 19.00
M14-OD2257 Blacksmith Forge, Detail Set O 39.00
M14-OD2276P Electrical Supply Set (painted) O 23.00
M14-OD2282P Air Conditioners - window or wall (4) O 15.00
M14-OD2284P Building Hoists (2 pack - painted) O 17.00
M14-S0179 Lampshade Jig O 18.00
  Multi Scale Items    
M14-D0046 Newspapers ALL 8.00

Model Tech Studios    (Web Site)

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