American Tie & Timber Company make the NEW Gapmaster.  It is an ideal way to provide perfect electrical rail gaps for both flextrack and hand laid track. These items are solder plated and represent ties in just about most gauges and scales

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Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
  Gapmaster - 2 per pack    
A10-GM001 O Std Handlaid 8' Ties (Mt Albert & Kappler) O 7.00
A10-GM002 On30 Peco Flextrack On30 7.00
A10-GM003 HOn3 Flextrack (Micro-Eng & Shinohara) HOn3 7.00
A10-GM004 On3 Handlaid 6' Ties (Mt Albert & Kappler) On3 7.00
A10-GM005 On30 Handlaid 6' Ties (Mt Albert & Kappler) On30 7.00
A10-GM006 On30 Micro-Eng Flextrack On30 7.00
A10-GM007 HO Std Micro-Eng & Atlas Flextrack (or handlaid) HO 7.00
A10-GM008 N Std Flextrack (or handlaid) N 7.00
A10-GM009 Nn3 or Z Nn3/Z 7.00
A10-GM010 O Std 9' Ties Handlaid or Micro-Eng Flextrack O 7.00
A10-GM011 On30 Handlaid 6' 6" Ties (Mt Albert & Kappler) On30 7.00
A10-GM012 Sn3 Handlaid 6' 6" Ties (Mt Albert & Kappler) or PBL Flextrack Sn3 7.00
A10-GM013 HOn30 Handlaid 6' 6" Ties or Micro-Eng Flextrack HOn30 7.00
A10-GM014 On2 5' 5" Handlaid Ties on 2 foot centres On2 7.00
A10-GM015 S Std 6' 6" Handlaid Ties or Tomalco Flextrack S 7.00
A10-GM016 HOe/HOn30 Peco SL-400 Flextrack HOe 7.00
A10-GM017 On3 Handlaid and Flextrack (PSC and Others) On3 7.00

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