Examples of the GAPMASTER


Basic Instructions for Installation with Flextrack


On the workbench, flip the flextrack over and carefully remove 2 or 4 ties depending on the particular Gapmaster you are using (alternatively you can do this in-place on your roadbed).

Clean the underside of the rail only, with fine 0000 steel wool

Turn the track right-side-up, and place the Gapmaster under the rails in the open area. You may elect to tape down the track and Gapmaster to your workbench

Apply heat to rail head using a soldering gun; a 100W setting is generally sufficient for rail up to and including Code148. Apply a small amount of silver-bearing solder to the joint between the rail base and the Gapmaster metal top. Do this to all joint areas. Note: many modelers have had great success with resistance soldering units.

Clean with steel wool. Cut gap(s) using a razor saw held firmly (preferred), a Dremel tool, or a jeweler's saw. Clean up burrs with a file and scratch brush after.

Install on your roadbed


Basic Instructions for Installation with  Handlaid Track


Install the Gapmaster in-line with your ties on your roadbed and glue down like any other ties.
Ensure that the rails in that area are bare metal on the underside. Spike/glue your rails down.

Solder rails and cut gaps in same manner as for Flextrack Installation


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