2014 On30 Annual - Includes:

The 2013 Mid-Hudson Meet sponsored a 'Boose Bash for modelers using the new Bachmann 18-foot cars. See all the winners and notable entries; just one of two Bachmann caboose-bashing articles in this year's Annual.

Every layout needs structures and the 2014 On30 Annual walks you through eight scratchbuilding and kitbashing projects. Four of them include full sets of detailed scale drawings like the Mt. Priceton depot.

Our cover story this year is the Coyote Creek & Rio Grande. Long-time Annual readers may remember the Texas Creek & Western featured in the debut 2006 issue (sold out). Author Jim Schulz acquired the layout and has completely repurposed, re-detailed, renamed and revised the original 5' x 9' layout to make it uniquely his own

This year we check back with the boys from the Great White North to see all the progress on the Ruphe & Tumbelle Ry. Pioneer Pass has been transformed from white Styrofoam beadboard to a showplace area for mountain scenery and the Coronita Creek Yard and towns of Ruphe and Tumbelle have made significant progress since our last visit

Not all narrow gauge trundled over rickety wooden trestles, and in the 2014 On30 Annual John Hopkins shows you how to transform the venerable Plasticville bridge into a highly detailed show piece with the addition of a few detail parts.

New author Al Judy takes us on a tour of his 32" x 18' Pennsylvania-themed Mill Creek & Lycoming Railroad. A prolific scratchbuilder of structures, Al's layout is a beautiful example of a well-detailed and finished layout in a modest space

Plus Many other great articles


Photographs by kind permission of Carstens Publications

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