The Mine Headframe 

Here's the second new addition to the Evening Express line, Kit No. 616, The Mine Headframe.

Timber headframes like this were built over vertical shafts. A steam (electric or originally beast of burden) powered drum hoist and skip (like kit No. 609, available separately) would lower the men and equipment down hundreds, if not thousands of feet, and pull the rich ores (and waste tailings) back up to the surface.

This new model features plenty of interesting board-by-board construction supported by full-sized templates and step-by-step instructions. Includes a large pile of original white metal detail castings and a separate hoist house.

Combine it with the other new mining kit, No. 615 The Ore Tipple or leave it stand alone. It's packed with enough detail to satisfy the nittiest of pickers and keep a craftsman modeler busy for several very pleasurable evenings of satisfying construction!

Requires 4" x 14" and is 7" tall

Photographs and words by kind permission of Builders in Scale

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