Blair Line produce Craftsman Kits and a large range of signs for all areas.   Signs are printed on plastic unless otherwise indicated. Billboard Signs are printed on paper.  


Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
  Signs & Billboards    
B06-106 Traffic Signs (warning signs - B/Y, 1948-present) HO 7.00
B06-162 Manhole Covers (stick on) HO 8.00
B06-221 On30 Straight Wood Crossings (3) On30 20.00
B06-2006 Yard / Highway Cafe (laser Cut Kit) HO 55.00
B06-2412 Billboards, 1930/40 Cars (6 signs) HO 9.95
B06-2707 Wall Vents & Fans (laser cut) HO 15.00

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