HOn3 2-8-0 locomotive

Blackstone Models has announced the release of a decidedly unique locomotive. While not based on a specific prototype, this “Diamond Stack” Locomotive is a wonderful candidate for your freelance railroad, especially if you appreciate its early era appearance. As built, this little 2-8-0 can represent your locomotive fleet in an era when electric headlights were new, yet it clings to its Baldwin roots, sporting the old-style smokestack. Some modelers may even take delight in “kit bashing” this consolidation for a look that reflects their personal tastes. The 2-8-0 comes with state-of-the-art electronics including a SoundTraxx™ Tsunami™ Digital Sound Decoder. The Tsunami-equipped Blackstone 2-8-0 sounds as good as it looks and will operate on both DC and DCC controlled layouts.


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Blackstone Diamond Stack 2-8-0 (pre-production sample)

Part No. Units Available Price (Aust)
  Non-Weathered Version with Sound  
B310214-S 2-8-0, Painted, Unlettered, Russian Iron Boiler, Diamond Stack $775.00

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