Banta Modelworks are producers of excellent quality Structures, Rolling Stock and Accessories.    Most Kits are Laser Cut Wood or Urethane or Plaster. The range is huge and expanding all the time.   Check out their Web Site (link at bottom of page) for the full listing.

Items Greyed Out are No Longer Available


Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
  Building Kits - HO Scale    
B07-2099 Phillips Depot  HO 105.00
B07-2127 Crick Hollow Hardware                                               HO 90.00
B07-2129 Silverton Truck Dump HO 81.00
B07-2131 B & O Hotel  HO 69.50
   Building Kits - O Scale    
B07-0724 Saw Mill / Table Saw  O 45.00
B07-6109 1930's-40's Small Gas Station O 75.00
B07-6124 Hillside Water Tank  O 50.00
B07-6135 Short Line Water Tank  O 85.00
B07-6140 Henry Tellers Law Office             O 125.00
  Thropton's Furniture    
B07-702 6' Wide Cabinet (laser cut) O 25.00
B07-703 Long Shelf Unit (laser cut) O 16.00
B07-707 Two Glass Cases (laser cut) O 24.00
B07-709 Long Parts Bin O 29.60
B07-710 Short Parts Bin (laser cut) O 20.00
  Detail Parts / Other    
B07-715 Mess Hall table (1) and Benches (2) (laser cut wood) O 18.50
B07-716 Cafe/Bar Tables (4) (laser cut wood) O 20.00
B07-718 Bent Back Chairs (4) (laser cut wood) O 20.00
B07-725 Wood Pallets (10) O 21.00
B07-731 Plywood Sheets (20 sheets) (4' x 8') O 15.00
B07-5021 Spittoon (4) S 4.00

Banta Model Works     (Web Site)

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