As promised, we have increased the range and now include ready painted figures.  These are great paint jobs and for the few dollars extra, great value for money (and save a heap of time). All figures are available painted so call us if not listed below. Painted figures are listed below in RED

Use the Link Below for Pictures 3-63


Part No Description Scale Price (Aus$)
M18-9 Workman Washing at Table O 11.20
M18-22 2 Drums                                                                              O 7.50
M18-28P Workman resting with Spanner (painted) O 14.80
M18-32P Small Boy kicking Football (painted) O 14.80
M18-36 Gunfighter O 7.45
M18-44 Gunfighter (loser) O 7.45
M18-50 Man with Newspaper under his arm O 7.45
M18-51 Travel Trunks (2)                                                                  O 13.50
M18-58 Bathroom Hand Basins (2) O 5.50
M18-63 Sailor / Fisherman (commercial) O 7.45
  Figures 3-63    


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